Consumer Forum Visit

Posted on August 26th, 2023 @ 10:16am

A visit to Consumer Forum, Rajkot was organised on 11th August 2023 for students of BBA-3 as a part of Business Law Course Curriculum by Prof. Tamanna Sisodiya. In all 36 students took the advantage of the visit. In the first phase of visit Mr. Kuldeep Sarvaiya, Senior Executive Consumer Forum explained on how to file a case and documentation of the case. In the second phase of the visit, students were assembled in the court and experienced the live hearing of the case with arguments and a Judge panel. The Judge Panel consisted of Mrs. K P Sachdev, M S Bhatt, Members of Consumer Commission Rajkot and K M Dave, President of Consumer Forum Rajkot. The entire event turned out to be very insightful and students enjoyed the live experience of the hearing.