Posted on August 26th, 2023 @ 10:33am

The School of Management has been proactive in providing great exposure to its students to help them learn the art of decision making and becoming a leader. Organizing events and activities in alignment to the career goals of students has been a regular feature of the School of Management of RK University, Rajkot. This time the RKU City Campus team came up with a unique experience for the students of RKU by organizing an event named "Venture Adventure". The event was for 2 days on 7th & 8th October 2022 whereby the students of RKU city campus did business by selling products in their stalls. The event was planned, executed and operated by students of RKU City Campus thereby helping them learn the most important lessons of Management as a real-life experience. The Venture Adventure Event was of 3 rounds: 1. Shortlisting of Business Plans (33 teams had submitted Business Plans out of which 22 teams went for next round); Round 2: Auctioning round whereby the different teams bidded the price for stalls located in different areas on the grounds of RKU city campus (15 stalls and 15 teams went for final round). Round 3: (Final round whereby students actually did the business on both the days of the event). The business categories were mainly: Food and beverages, Art, Home Decor, Fashion and Handicrafts. The winners of the event were decided based on various criterias such as: Profit, Number of footfalls, promotional strategies, Ambience of the store, Customer Relationship Management. Following were the winners of the event: Winner Team: Core Watches (BBA H-3 students) 1st Runner Up: Backbenchers Delight (MBA-3 Students) 2nd Runner Up: Spring Hands Design (BCA-1 and BBA Honors-1 Students) . The event was coordinated by Dr. Tulsi Raval, Prof. Vishwa Malvania, Prof. Anand Joshi, Prof. Harishwar Suru and Prof. Lokendrasinh Rathod under the guidance and support of Dr. Chintan Rajani. All the students and student coordinators of the events understood the real-life dynamics of business and entrepreneurship. Students learned important lessons of Planning, Organizing, Selling, Promoting, Team Work, Crisis Management, Negotiations and Bargaining and many more. The event turned out to be so much fun, learning and cutting throat competition…! The endless efforts of student coordinators and faculties made the event a huge success and all the guest students, jury members, sponsors were awestruck with the coordination and management of the entire event.