Posted on March 5th, 2024 @ 02:45pm

School of Management, RK University (Main Campus) organised a visit to the Gujarat Bank workers' union on August 24, 2023, for the students of MBA semester 3 (HR specialisation). A total of 16 students were part of this visit. Students have been given study material related to the Trade Union Act by the president of the Gujarat bank workers' union, Mr. Narendra Dave. After that, he has taken sessions regarding the need for trade unions and the movement of them at the Indian and global levels. He has given all the insightful information and shared real-life experience, for example, as president of a trade union. At last, he has cleared all the doubts of the students and explained thoroughly how labour laws affect HR policy. The entire visit was coordinated by Prof. Hitesh>

Lunsiya with the support and guidance of Dr. AartI Joshi,Director of the School of Management.